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Jardins Signature Boxes

Jardins Signature Boxes are available in black and white. Our square boxes are hand made in Melbourne using high quality rigid cardboard and beautifully finished as a presentation box.

The roses are arranged inside the box and contains a water reservoir to keep the flowers fresh. The roses can be left inside the box or removed and displayed in a vase - the choice is yours. More information is available on caring for cut roses. Each Signature Box arrangement contains 36 (three dozen) premium long stem roses.

Jardins Signature Boxes also double up as a keepsake. You can keep the box, which comes with a lid, as a keepsake remembrance of your special occasion.

Jardins Signature Rose Boxes

Jardins Signature Square Boxes with Lid on top
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Jardins Black Box & White Box

Jardins White Box and Black Box
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Jardins White Rose Box

Jardins White Signature Box with Lid
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Jardins Box Lids

Jardins Signature Box Lids
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Roses In A Square Box

Jardins Square Boxes measure approximately 25cm (width) x 25cm (length) x 25cm (height). The box comes with a matching lid which can be used as a storage box or keepsake


Premium Quality Long Stem Roses

Jardins is a boutique florist specialising in roses. This means we only use the best seasonally available roses. We source our roses from Melbourne's flower growers and wholesale flower markets, personally hand picking the freshest flowers, with the most desirable colours and large blooms. As our roses are purchased daily, unfortunately we cannot offer same day delivery. We highly recommend ordering one - two days in advance. For large orders or special customised arrangements, placing an order four to five days in advance is recommended.

Our roses come in a variety of colours with the most popular colours be red roses, pink roses, yellow roses, orange roses and white roses.

Jardins Boxed Roses are only available for delivery in Melbourne. Our roses are hand delivered by courier to most Melbourne metropolitan suburbs. We can deliver to residential homes, business/workplace, hospitals and nursing homes/retirement homes.