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Red Roses - Flowers for Love and Romance

Flowers have been associated with love and romance since time immemorial. More recently, roses have become the predominate flower to represent romatic intensions and overtures.

In almost every society and culture today, red roses represent love, passion and romance. From a single red rose, 12 red roses or a bouquet of dozens of roses, the intention is clear. Love. Passion. Romance.

Red roses are most commonly associated with love; red being a strong passionate colour. Pink is another popular colour, particulary for young couples. Pink roses represent first love and the start of a new relationship. Our range of red roses is aptly named Passion for good reason.

Romantic Occasions may include:

  • Gift to a love interest
  • First date
  • Courting/Courtship
  • Anniversary within a relationship
  • Marriage proposal
  • Marriage or wedding anniversary
  • Saint Valentine's Day
  • A romantic way to say "I love you"

Single Red Rose and Single Pink Rose

Roses for Dating and Courting

Bringing roses on a first date may be considered as an old fashioned tradition by todays younger generation. Still, the unexpected surprise of red roses can work wonders to spark a romantic night.

Roses are also appropiate for formal events such as a prom night or black tie event. Traditional, old fashioed charm never fails.

A spontaneous gift of flowers is always a welcome surprise when courting. It creates passion and excitement. The feeling of a whirlwind romance. Add fine chocolates and champagne as a decadent indulgence.


Flowers and Roses for an Anniversary

Flowers are the perfect gift to celebrate any romantic anniversary. Whether you have been dating for a year or married mant for years, red roses symbolise love, romance and passion.


Roses for Saint Valentine's Day

Regardless what you plan for Saint Valentine's Day – dinner for two at an expensive restaurant, a romantic getaway for the weekend, a quite night at home, Valentine's Day is uncomplete without red roses.

Flowers can be easily purchased and delivered almost anywhere on Valentine's Day. Delivery to residential households is most common, as well as places of business including offices, factories, schools and hospitals. Alternatively, you can hand deliver your flowers personally.