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Roses as Funeral Flowers & Memorial Services

Buying Roses for a Funeral Service

For those who have attended a funeral service or memorial service, seeing flowers on the casket and surrounds is commonplace. Sending flowers to a funeral service along with a tribute card message is seen as a courteous and respectful offering to the family of the deceased. It lets them know that you, your family or friend and work colleagues are thinking of them and have paid your respects. If you plan to send roses to a funeral service, it can be done so using flower wreaths, rose sheaf's and even bouquets that can be laid before the front of the Church, Hall or Chapel. Sometimes, you can order custom stand hire if the florist is offering that service.

Wreath with Roses

Sending Roses to the Family Home or Workplace before a Funeral

It's often customary to send a bouquet of flowers or flower arrangement to the family home before the service. Often people want to send their condolences early to show that they are thinking of them. There is nothing wrong with sending flowers to the home or funeral service, both are perfectly acceptable - unless the family has requested donations in lieu of flowers, which means they prefer you donate to their cause instead of sending flowers. It's always reminded that you should respect the wishes of the family, but sometimes people feel compelled to send something small in flowers also. For those looking to send funeral flowers early on before the service you can view an extensive range of flowers online at the Funeral Flower Shop.

Roses for Casket Flowers

The flower casket, funeral casket or casket spray is seen as the centrepiece for any funeral service. It primarily sits on the casket itself at the service and also in the Hurst. For the viewing, the casket spray is removed temporarily for guests to send their last wishes to the deceased and then the flowers go with the casket into the hurst on their way to the burial site. Once at the burial site, the priest will give the Rite of Committal before they are committed to their final resting place. Casket flowers are very elaborate primarily using only the finest flowers such as roses, orchids, lisianthus and oriental lilies. For obvious reasons, the casket spray is the most expensive floral piece at the funeral and can cost between $350 into the $1000's.

Most suitable flowers for Funeral Services

The Jardins range of roses come in an assortment of colours that make them suitable for many occasions. It's important to note that the colour of the rose defines the occasion, such as the colour 'Red' symbolising love and compassion. In the same respect, red is also commonly used for funerals and conveys love and compassion for the deceased. It's also appropriate to send pink roses for the funeral service of a lady and you will find most commonly people sending white roses suitable for both males and females. Our simplicty product is just for this occasion. Made up with stunning 36 white elegant roses, this floral tribute is suitable for sympathy and funeral occasions. Our simplicity is suitable to send to the home, workplace but if you are sending funeral flowers to the church service, it is recommended to send a white funeral wreath that is more suitable for the occasion.