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The Colour of Roses

Roses make a special gift for almost any occasion. Especially as Birthday Flowers.


Roses for Birthdays and Other Occasions

When sending flowers as a gift, roses are a good starting point. Roses are beautiful with many colours to choose from and with many symbolic meanings. You can also send roses in the recipients favorite colour or roses in mixed colours.

Birthday Flowers

Romantic Red Roses

Red roses make a great gift idea for romantic occasions and relationships. Red is a very passionate colour and suitable to express your love to someone. Everyone loves an unexpected romantic surprise, delivered to their home or place of work. Add chocolates or champagne with red roses to make it an extra special surprise.

Romantic Birthday flowers - Red Roses

Pink Roses

Pink is a delicate colour that is sweet, charming, elegant and very feminine. Still, pink flowers can be given to women of all ages, and as a gift for any occasion. Pink roses are great birthday flowers for young girls, female teenagers and all women who are young at heart.

Pink is also associated with baby girls and a popular gift to mothers of newborn baby girls.

Pink is the sweet baby sister of red and represents first love. The perfect rose colour for young women in their first relationship. Also suitable for couples young at heart.


Yellow Roses

Yellow is a warm happy colour, representing energy, positivity, optimism, cheerfulness and joy. Yellow roses are bright and will add a splash of colour to any room. Yellow roses can be given to any gender; male and female. Yellow roses are suitable for all joyous occasions such as birthdays and celebrations, to say "thank you" or "congratulations".

Yellow Roses

Orange Roses

Orange is a warm colour, warmer than yellow. As a mixture of red and yellow, it shares attributes of both colours. Orange is associated with sunshine, warmth and heat. Emotionally, orange represents fun, happiness and joy. Orange roses are suitable flowers for joyous celebrations and occasions.


White Roses

White is a somber colour that speaks of light, purity, cleanliness, humility, sincerity and goodness. Traditionally, white flowers and white roses have been given for sympathy or to say "I'm sorry".


Jardins Roses

Jardins specialise in premium quality roses. All our roses are sourced daily for freshness and quality from local Melbourne suppliers. Our roses are presented in custom signature boxes available in black or white.

We deliver to all suburbs in metropolitan Melbourne - see our delivery page for more details about Melbourne suburbs in our delivery network.