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Caring for your Flowers

Caring for cut roses is the same as caring for most types of cut flowers.

Jardins ships roses in a rigid board box. The roses sit in a plastic container with a special foam (Oasis Floral Foam‎) which absorbs water. The foam provides water for the roses while preventing the water from splashing around when the box is moved. As your arrangement is made to order, all roses are pre-shipped with a full container of water.

Jardins Square Box Roses

Caring for your roses in the box

Jardins Roses come in a special rigid board box that can used to display your flowers. There is no need to take the roses out of the box.

We recommend adding water to your roses every 2nd day. Fill a glass with water, with one hand part the roses and you will see the container below. Add sufficient water until you see it is saturated.


Caring for your roses in a vase

Using a clean vase with fresh water, gently lift the roses individually out of Jardins supplied box and place the roses in your vase. Top up the water in the vase as required. You may want to change the water in the vase every second or third day.


Prolonging the life of cut flowers

Cut Flower StemTypically, cut flowers in water should have a product life of 7 to 10 days. This can very depending on the type of flower, the freshness of the flowers and the environment where the flowers are stored. We provide some general tips to help you keep your flowers looking fresh for longer.

Cut flowers need water. Without water, flowers will start to wilt and dry up within hours. Always use clean fresh water.

Where you display your flowers can have a major influence on the longevity and freshness of your flowers. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, sources of heat and air-conditioners.

Bacteria will shorten the life of cut flowers. Start with a freshly cleaned vase. Use dish washing detergent to clean your vase before use. Change the water in the vase every couple of days with fresh water.

Cut Flower Stem
Using a sharp blade, cut the end of the stem at a diagonal angle. Ensure the blade is sharp and the cut is clean. Do not chop, hack or saw at the stem. This is optional - if you are unsure how to cut flower stems, leave the flowers as they are.

Food for cut flowers
While fresh water is sufficient for cut flowers, there are commercial food products for cut flowers. Otherwise, you can add some sugar to the water but you will need to change the water daily as sugar promotes the growth of bacteria.