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Articles & Information

Caring for your flowers

Information about how to care for cut flowers and roses.


Jardins Signature Boxes

Jardins Signature Boxes are hand made in Melbourne, Australia using rigid board and are beautifully finished featuring the Jardins logo. Signature Boxes are available in black and white and come with a lid carry straps.


Red Roses - Flowers for Love and Romance

In almost every society and culture today, red roses represent love, passion and romance. From a single red rose, 12 red roses or a bouquet of dozens of roses, the intention is clear. Love. Passion. Romance. Read more about red rose and romance.


Cheap Roses Delivered to Melbourne

Jardins roses are cheap, affordable and premium quality. They also come beautifully presented in a Jardins Signature Box.


History and Information on Roses

An introduction to roses. History and Information on Roses.


Rose Colours and Suitable Occasions

As cut flowers, roses are suitable for most occasions - but some rose colours are suited for particular occasions.


Romantic Card Messages for Roses and Flowers

Romantic card message ideas when sending roses or flowers. We cover card messages for major occasions such as St Valentine's Day, Anniversary Celebrations or any other occasion you want to say "I Love You".


Buying Roses and Flowers Online - What You See Is Not What You Get

Purchasing flowers online has some great benefits. It is quick, easy and your flowers can be delivered almost anywhere in the world. What you buy and what is actually delivered can vary greatly. We look at some examples of photos on online florist shops and the actual flowers delivered. We also provide some commentary on the techniques used in photography to make floral arrangements look more appealing to consumers. We also provide guidance on what to look for when buy flowers online from a florist.


Valentine's Day 2017

Information about roses and delivery on Valentine's Day 2017.
This year, St Valentine's Day falls on Tuesday, 14 February 2017. Due to the high demand for red roses and the limited availability of roses from flowers growers and wholesalers, we highly recommend placing your Valentine's Day order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Download our free Valentine's Day Card.